BABALUNA - LoVe Capsule

This Capsule Collection is my Love Manifesto, my Visual confession, a conclusion of this year that is coming to an end, and that has been one of the great lessons of the Human Kind.
There are so many things We can all live without, but We cannot live without Love as we cannot live without air or water.
The Soul needs to be nurtured and taken care of in order not to leave before time.
There is nothing that puts me down more than being kept away from the people I love the most. I refuse to embrace fear, I refuse to live a life without love, embraces and kisses.
There are certain boundaries I will always cross. The ones that keep me away from the ones I love.
No matter how far l’ll have to travel, how much l’ll have to risk or lose, l’ll cross them for the ones l love, l’ll cross them because that is what keeps me alive.
*The People in these photos are among the Closest to My Heart. They are the ones Nothing could keep me away from.
Irina Marinescu
This Capsule Collection is entirely Hand Printed. All of the items are unique and have been carefully picked.