About us

Welcome to BABALUNA!

I am very pleased about your visit and I thank You for taking the time to read about our story that started back in 2008 when We opened the first local Vintage Boutique.

I had always been in love with Vintage and treasure hunting was one of my favorite things ever since I was a little girl.

I’ve always done my best to stay true to my own aesthetics and personality and I have only worn things that were close to my heart, that recalled me of the books I loved most, of my travels, the sea and Old Italian music. I have never been a fashionista and was never fond of the idea but the Vintage Concept felt perfect for someone who’s always loved to be different.

Times changed and no matter how much We love special encounters and meeting people, and even if We do it all Old School style, We decided to become an online store.

We do Our best to stay close to You, to keep in touch and talk to you as if We were in the same room.
We carefully pick our pieces one by one, doing Our best to make You happy when ordering from Us.

We love what We do, so We do it with great Love and the strong belief that Vintage will write a new important page into the future of the fashion industry that has slowly become less and less sustainable and ethical.

It isn’t a fashion trend We follow but the belief that things used to be made differently in the old times. We believe Style is timeless and that it should most naturally speak about our own personality and not about a collective one.

On behalf of Babaluna, I thank You kindly for accompanying Us on this Wonderful Journey, for Your trust and for writing new chapters of Our Story.

Irina Marinescu